Choo Choo Jiggle Jiggle Clatter Clatter Clatter (A Book of Loud Noises Series)
(Ages 3 to 5) Preschool to Kindergarten

What happens when the train passes by
with a cloud of smoke and a Choo choo in the sky?

Chuga, chuga chuga, chuga is the sound of the train.
It jiggles the jelly and clatters the window pane.

Wobbles and wiggles.

Jangles and jiggles.

Smashing and crashing.

Banging and clanging.

Shaking, quaking and breaking!

With all this noise and ruckus and riot,
how will this family find peace and quiet?

Find out in this fun to read book of loud noises!

Warning: This book contains loud noises.

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